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Who We Are

The Soul Yoga Foundation exists to support the community by cultivating health and wellness through sharing the tools of yoga in classes, leadership development and fostering outreach programs that build self awareness, equitable relationship skills and have lasting social impact. 

Soul Yoga Foundation is a collection of community leaders sharing yoga and mindfulness tools in Sonoma County beginning with the youth. We have been offering comprehensive yoga programs in public elementary schools that last 4-8 weeks and include all students and teachers and take place during the school day. We encourage students and educators to step onto the yoga mat, notice their breath, move their body and practice deep rest as a means of radical self care. When teachers are feeling well they can be better leaders and when students are feeling well they can optimally learn.


We are moved and inspired by the desire to support physical and mental wellbeing in spaces that have been most impacted by recent world events. We are hoping to create collaborations throughout Sonoma County where we work together to support total body health and foster new levels of resilience in the members of our community.


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